Wednesday, October 5, 2011


OK so.......well.....I am just going to say it! We bought a HAM for Thanksgiving! No! not a kosher ham, just a regular porky pork ham! And I am soooo excited! 

After years of turkey for Thanksgiving and turkey for Christmas....turkey is my least favorite meat! I may order a hot turkey sandwich for dinner if I am out, that is because the amount of sodium is what flavours the luscious meat, bread and the gravy mmmmm! But I do pay for it, I usually end up drinking scads of water for the next day or so! Last year we were in Vernon for Thanksgiving and I had one of those sandwiches at the White Spot and man it didn't disappoint!

This year we are having a traditional sit down and feast kind of dinner....with all the fixings! All while we watch the snow line appear on the trees...we may even throw in a Bone-fire. This will be the perfect opportunity to twist open a few different types of canned goods for the occasion! I am thinking a Ginger-peach brown Sugar Glaze, with a homemade apple pie.....fresh scones!



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