Thursday, February 16, 2012

blog hiatus

WoW! has it really been this long since my last post.......recap my last post was posted in December and the content was actually from October....geeesh!

So winter in the Mountains has been as delightful as the summer...these temperate temps are fantastic with the exception of one lil cold snap.
So the holiday time has come and gone and we found ourselves for the first time EVER celebrating as the Andrews family exclusively! Jeff and I have always been with one side or the others for winter holidays and this is the first time in 13 years we were hosting our own mesh of celebrations. I must say it didn't suck. I actually liked the layed back go with the flow unplanned celebrating we did. We had our big dinner with a handful of friends who are nomads like ourselves and ate drank and become very merry!

But on the other hand I was preparing that this was the last year we would be able to pull off "Santa" for both kids..... Well what was not in the plan was the big "Santa spoiler" the big kids got to Caleb this year and spoiled MY fun with Santa :(
I will never forget this Christmas eve and how sad I was for his realization of no Santa....I really encouraged the spirit of Santa, being I am still a believer. So I tucked in the kids after our yummy Christmas dinner, one lil guy blabbering on about how there is no Santa and he doesn't even care about Christmas anymore....blah blah blah! While I have my lil angle clasping her hands together with such sparkle in her eye smiling up at me saying "Santa come now mama" not even noticing the cranky pants in the bed next to hers.

New years came without a hitch ...... thank goodness and 2012 is in full swing now being February, the longest shortest month of the year, I have found myself layed up and off the hill with a MCL sprain and some meniscus damage is really making it a long month. One thing I will admit only typing and will deny if asked in person.....the lack of fresh snow doesn't really bother me...hee hee! 
our sweet ski angel

Happy New year everyone.....and I will be sure that my blogging hiatus is now over!

p.s. I have been busy with some projects and working on my seeds that the sunflower seeds have fully dried......but that is next time:)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

.....movember or december

My whirl-wind trip to South Cal and back has come and gone. It was one week packed with fun swim days, birthday parties, wine trips with loads of laughs, hugs and sad good-byes. Happy to be back home it feels like so long ago now that I was hanging out with my sister and her awesome family. My goal of quality time with my son was achieved as well as the blessing of getting him to hang out with his cousins. These kids had an absolute blast and it was so great to witness their relationship and reconnecting, just like they left off last summer:)

My fondest memory is the taste of the almond champagne from Wilson Creek Winery. Such a delicate taste with a hint of almond and the bubbles....I just love the bubbles......I did manage to bring a couple bottles back for some future celebrations.
Wilson Creek Winery

Catching up with all my blog reading....I can't believe it is almost a month since my last posting........tisk tisk
With that said  it is November...already November. Around here November is a big deal! Being the month of MOvember and the count down to the holidays start around this time and well my personal favorite month as it is my Birthday.
Birthday Champange
With this crazy month also comes the anticipation of snow.....we watch the snowline come down then go back up and then come down again to eventually land right on our tongues. Snow brings out the kid like qualities in all big and small!

WoW I totally thought I posted this blog posting and here it is sitting in my inbox....eeeks! It has been super long since I have apologies! The ole busy life excuse is just so passe even if it is the only truth I know!

A little update on the home front Opening day for the mountain has come and gone and we are all loving the days at the hill and the nights watching our favorite Christmas movies! I see a winter bone fire in the future with some marshmallows and hot bevies! Our littlest of souls has embraced winter like a true Andrews and has filled her days of waiting for more snow!
Grade two is fairing well for our wee man! To be expected his favorite times at school is gym and recess and the days I show up with cookies and hot tea of an after school play in the yard. It is mid December and happy to announce that papa bear has finely shaved the mo from his face and is looking back to his handsome self.....gawd that was a long phase for me:)

..............well for me I have filled my days with my sweet baby girl trying the odd recipes, baking the odd treat. I am totally addicted to homemade cream of mushroom soup...recipe can be found at a fellow bloggers site the worthy cook (drying these sunflowers STILL, what a process) and my evenings with work and the odd night of Christmas Cheer! My weekends are dedicated to my handsome boys and shuffling them around the life is full and the only thing I can wish for more is SNOW!

A nice way to end our travelling back from Spokane at Halcyon Hot Springs:)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

on the get some two buck chuck!

We are taking the show on the road...well 1/2 of the show anyways. The lil man and I are off to the sunny skies of Southern Cali, where they are still swimming in their pools and chillin on the beach and who I mean by "they" is my sister the "queen" and uncle doctor and the best niece's ever!

However that is still in my future...the very near future but right now the house is in utter chaos and I don't think our littlest of the souls actually realizes we are heading out for a week. I am leaving the packing to the very end and not getting too stress about the request of you might want to bring two "going out"outfits maybe a dress.  This was a reminder that I am leaving Kansas and heading into the shiny world of OZ. Up until now hubs has been wondering why the heck we trucked all this stuff across he knows! My nightlife here in the Rev consists of wearing the same footwear during the day as I would at night and ...maybe changing my shirt into something a little nicer...but still in my mukluks:) Don't get me wrong I am totally stoked for some guilt free nights out!

Heading out in the morning and looking forward to the drive through southern BC into Washington State some uncharted roads are over due for this gypsy mama. More of this beautiful country I get to see the better and a little quality time with my sweet boy is the best part of the drive! I will take time to check in a give a few reminders of what the great big world can bring. The secure lifestyle of this lazy lil town has brought to me is priceless, so heading out into a bigger world with my priceless treasures I will have to give some reminders of safety and a wee bit more handholding will in in store.

All the plans that are in store for us once we arrive is really hard for me contain my excitement....for one place I am dying to browse and spend some time in is Trader joes...and what I like to call the home of the 2 buck chuck.....any place where you can get a reliable cheap table wine for two bucks, in my mind would be a place like heaven! ( have also been know to even wrap my wine in paper for a fancy night out )

 for an up close look go here......Trader Joes

Well I better get cracking and start my packing....I am also wondering if the usual gong show of the Andrews family will appear while we are away.....or will it be just 1/2 the show either way we hit the road tomorrow for a week of full filled days and a few surprises I am sure!

gypsy mama

Perfect example of what I am talking about

Monday, October 10, 2011

last of the last.......

I pulled the last of our root vegetables from our community garden recently. I did do a little procrastinating as I just didn't want the summer freshness to end! My new love for beats was a surprise to me. When I planted the seeds in may I really didn't know what I was going to do with these ruby bulbs. Out of all the many veggies I find this type so beautiful, from the leafy greens with bright red veins right down to the bulbous rounds of meat flesh. I admire everything about these little darlings.

Here is the last harvest for this season of beats

I tried a wonderful salad at a local restaurant that was made of beat and feta cheese and some sort of vinaigrette's. With that in mind I tried my hand at my own beet and goat cheese salad...for me this is the best salad to have at home...I am the only one who will eat beets....and goat cheese:)


cooked beets
splash balsamic vinegar
splash rice wine vinegar
feta or goat cheese of choice.
fresh thyme or other herbs of choice
sea salt
ingredients are mixed and measured accordingly to taste ..... you can always add more but it virtually impossible to take it away.

Once you have your beets prepped and cooked to desired tenderness... whisk together balsamic vinegar and rice vinegar and evo to make a nice vinaigrette....once immersed together mixed with beets. I then add the goat cheese as I like the contrast of the white cheese to the vibrant beets. If the cheese is mixed too much into the beet salad you will get a wonderful bright fuchsia pink goat cheese. I just sprinkle more on top! I have also had a beet salad that was similar with the addition of shredded swiss chard in it. It totally was  a great addition..a hearty leaf it barely wilted once mixed together...thanks to another foodie friend here in Rev!

I kept aside some beets to try something different..... what came to mind was chili fig balsamic with a shaving of organic dark chocolate and ginger...thanks to my dad who left a full bar here for us:)

Andi....may your harvest time be bountiful!

Friday, October 7, 2011

the seasons best........

I . am . ready......ready to dive into these pretty little jars of goodness that I have saved this season. This year has been a canning whirl-wind of one week of daily canning with various friends! So the schedule was as follows

Thursday: apple pie filling Me, but I'll share!
Friday: salsa Lisa, Josie and Moi
Saturday: peaches Josie and Me and our little helpers
Sunday: tomatoes Sara and I
Monday: pickles.....more pickles Sweet Sara and Moi

I must say the salsa was the most involved of the canning sessions....all the chopping, dicing, roasting had lasted the better part of the day....but oh so worth it. We made some changes to each batch, we ended up with over 20 jars each of: mild, chipotle, jalapeno and a roasted blend...which is my  most favorite!

Our army of Salsa!

So conquering the need for a winter supply of salsa, I moved on with Josie for a Saturday of Peaches, returning to her house with heavenly smells of roasted salsa.....knowing that the house would soon have the smells of spiced peaches. Saturday went a little differently then Friday. All kids were in tow for a total of 5 kids and one nanny dog Sydney! I must say it was a busy blast day of fun!

Crazy Canning Kids

The reason why I am in so much need of salsa......our basic staple food in our house is Quesadillas and salsa for dip-dip!

Sweetly Spiced Peaches of Life

 These are what memories are made of! I look at this day fondly of our kids playing all day, in the house outside in the yard while Nanny Sydney watches over them! I can still picture the diaper clad two year olds holding babies waddling around, a wanting 6 yr old desperate to help with the canning process and a couple of rugged boys running all over.....days like these are exactly what makes me oh so happy here in Rev!

What a delightful sight of freshly skinned Roma's ready for a little chop and warm roast in the oven. This is day three of canning and today is was with my gal Sara. Just when I thought maybe I'd be tired of tomatoes I had a couple boxes ready for some attention. I loves cooking with these ruby beauties.....I love them in sandwiches, with salt, roasted with goat cheese, in stews, with chicken reducing in my cast iron pan and most definitely in soup.

I love this earthenware pan, part of my hand me down kitchen collection..and my most favorite dish to bake with. I am a firm believer that all people come into your life for a reason. Some people stay longer then others. Some leave as fast as they come. But there is a certain friend that it doesn't matter how far and wide you may be you are always close at heart. This particular girlfriend was my confidant while I lived in Northern Ontario, she had moved many a mile from S. Africa to Canada. She has found her way back to S.Africa with her two weeins and I headed for the west coast! We hang a piece of our friendship on the walls of the kids room and this particular piece of kitchenware is used on a weekly bases and I get to think fond thoughts of my dear friend.

Pickles were the order of the day on this Monday, they spent the the night in an ice bath all for the greater good of crunch! By this day I have been slicing and dicing for 4 previous days and have become quite speedy in the process of preparing the jars for their water bath. Another basic staple in our you need a garlic dill to side yummy deli!

Well I am planning this Thanksgiving to crack open a few different types of jarred goodness! A complimentary pallet teaser of peaches and a yummy dessert of some sure. I will be sharing my choices as why else put up for the winter in you can't share with your friends!

Jarred Apple Pie Filling

4 1/2 cups white sugar
1 cup cornstarch
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
2 teaspoons salt
10 cups water
3 tablespoons lemon juice
6 pounds apples

in a large pan, mix sugar, cornstarch, cinnamon and nutmeg. Add salt and water and mix well. Bring to a boil and cook until thick and bubbly. Remove from heat and add lemon juice.
Sterilize canning jars, lids and rings by boiling them in a large pot of water.
Peel, core, and slice apples. Pack the sliced apples into hot canning jars, leaving a 1/2 inch headspace.
Fill jars with hot syrup, and gently remove air bubbles with a knife.
Put lids on and process in a water bath canner for 20 minutes or according to your to check!

Random pooch shot!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011


OK so.......well.....I am just going to say it! We bought a HAM for Thanksgiving! No! not a kosher ham, just a regular porky pork ham! And I am soooo excited! 

After years of turkey for Thanksgiving and turkey for Christmas....turkey is my least favorite meat! I may order a hot turkey sandwich for dinner if I am out, that is because the amount of sodium is what flavours the luscious meat, bread and the gravy mmmmm! But I do pay for it, I usually end up drinking scads of water for the next day or so! Last year we were in Vernon for Thanksgiving and I had one of those sandwiches at the White Spot and man it didn't disappoint!

This year we are having a traditional sit down and feast kind of dinner....with all the fixings! All while we watch the snow line appear on the trees...we may even throw in a Bone-fire. This will be the perfect opportunity to twist open a few different types of canned goods for the occasion! I am thinking a Ginger-peach brown Sugar Glaze, with a homemade apple pie.....fresh scones!


The great seed giveaway.........

And the Winner is.......................

Jen Hardy-Tait!

Jen Hardy is an old friend and fellow blogger and her expertise in pastries and all things iced is
something to envy. You can check out her blog here Bediels she is also known to hold giveaways:)

Jen please email me your info