Thursday, October 13, 2011

on the get some two buck chuck!

We are taking the show on the road...well 1/2 of the show anyways. The lil man and I are off to the sunny skies of Southern Cali, where they are still swimming in their pools and chillin on the beach and who I mean by "they" is my sister the "queen" and uncle doctor and the best niece's ever!

However that is still in my future...the very near future but right now the house is in utter chaos and I don't think our littlest of the souls actually realizes we are heading out for a week. I am leaving the packing to the very end and not getting too stress about the request of you might want to bring two "going out"outfits maybe a dress.  This was a reminder that I am leaving Kansas and heading into the shiny world of OZ. Up until now hubs has been wondering why the heck we trucked all this stuff across he knows! My nightlife here in the Rev consists of wearing the same footwear during the day as I would at night and ...maybe changing my shirt into something a little nicer...but still in my mukluks:) Don't get me wrong I am totally stoked for some guilt free nights out!

Heading out in the morning and looking forward to the drive through southern BC into Washington State some uncharted roads are over due for this gypsy mama. More of this beautiful country I get to see the better and a little quality time with my sweet boy is the best part of the drive! I will take time to check in a give a few reminders of what the great big world can bring. The secure lifestyle of this lazy lil town has brought to me is priceless, so heading out into a bigger world with my priceless treasures I will have to give some reminders of safety and a wee bit more handholding will in in store.

All the plans that are in store for us once we arrive is really hard for me contain my excitement....for one place I am dying to browse and spend some time in is Trader joes...and what I like to call the home of the 2 buck chuck.....any place where you can get a reliable cheap table wine for two bucks, in my mind would be a place like heaven! ( have also been know to even wrap my wine in paper for a fancy night out )

 for an up close look go here......Trader Joes

Well I better get cracking and start my packing....I am also wondering if the usual gong show of the Andrews family will appear while we are away.....or will it be just 1/2 the show either way we hit the road tomorrow for a week of full filled days and a few surprises I am sure!

gypsy mama

Perfect example of what I am talking about


Shawn said...

Have loads of fun, and think of me if you find some really great and new item that JUST has to be used in a recipe!!

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