Thursday, February 16, 2012

blog hiatus

WoW! has it really been this long since my last post.......recap my last post was posted in December and the content was actually from October....geeesh!

So winter in the Mountains has been as delightful as the summer...these temperate temps are fantastic with the exception of one lil cold snap.
So the holiday time has come and gone and we found ourselves for the first time EVER celebrating as the Andrews family exclusively! Jeff and I have always been with one side or the others for winter holidays and this is the first time in 13 years we were hosting our own mesh of celebrations. I must say it didn't suck. I actually liked the layed back go with the flow unplanned celebrating we did. We had our big dinner with a handful of friends who are nomads like ourselves and ate drank and become very merry!

But on the other hand I was preparing that this was the last year we would be able to pull off "Santa" for both kids..... Well what was not in the plan was the big "Santa spoiler" the big kids got to Caleb this year and spoiled MY fun with Santa :(
I will never forget this Christmas eve and how sad I was for his realization of no Santa....I really encouraged the spirit of Santa, being I am still a believer. So I tucked in the kids after our yummy Christmas dinner, one lil guy blabbering on about how there is no Santa and he doesn't even care about Christmas anymore....blah blah blah! While I have my lil angle clasping her hands together with such sparkle in her eye smiling up at me saying "Santa come now mama" not even noticing the cranky pants in the bed next to hers.

New years came without a hitch ...... thank goodness and 2012 is in full swing now being February, the longest shortest month of the year, I have found myself layed up and off the hill with a MCL sprain and some meniscus damage is really making it a long month. One thing I will admit only typing and will deny if asked in person.....the lack of fresh snow doesn't really bother me...hee hee! 
our sweet ski angel

Happy New year everyone.....and I will be sure that my blogging hiatus is now over!

p.s. I have been busy with some projects and working on my seeds that the sunflower seeds have fully dried......but that is next time:)