Monday, October 10, 2011

last of the last.......

I pulled the last of our root vegetables from our community garden recently. I did do a little procrastinating as I just didn't want the summer freshness to end! My new love for beats was a surprise to me. When I planted the seeds in may I really didn't know what I was going to do with these ruby bulbs. Out of all the many veggies I find this type so beautiful, from the leafy greens with bright red veins right down to the bulbous rounds of meat flesh. I admire everything about these little darlings.

Here is the last harvest for this season of beats

I tried a wonderful salad at a local restaurant that was made of beat and feta cheese and some sort of vinaigrette's. With that in mind I tried my hand at my own beet and goat cheese salad...for me this is the best salad to have at home...I am the only one who will eat beets....and goat cheese:)


cooked beets
splash balsamic vinegar
splash rice wine vinegar
feta or goat cheese of choice.
fresh thyme or other herbs of choice
sea salt
ingredients are mixed and measured accordingly to taste ..... you can always add more but it virtually impossible to take it away.

Once you have your beets prepped and cooked to desired tenderness... whisk together balsamic vinegar and rice vinegar and evo to make a nice vinaigrette....once immersed together mixed with beets. I then add the goat cheese as I like the contrast of the white cheese to the vibrant beets. If the cheese is mixed too much into the beet salad you will get a wonderful bright fuchsia pink goat cheese. I just sprinkle more on top! I have also had a beet salad that was similar with the addition of shredded swiss chard in it. It totally was  a great addition..a hearty leaf it barely wilted once mixed together...thanks to another foodie friend here in Rev!

I kept aside some beets to try something different..... what came to mind was chili fig balsamic with a shaving of organic dark chocolate and ginger...thanks to my dad who left a full bar here for us:)

Andi....may your harvest time be bountiful!


Shawn said...

Yay! I can post today!

Love the new blog and all it contains!

I think we need to get together this winter and do some cooking, and maybe a glass of wine!

Andi said...

Good to hear!

Yes! I was thinking the same thing a little food a little wine nothing better to keep you warm this winter:)

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