Tuesday, October 4, 2011

rainy day bread.......

So....the rain arrived about two weeks ago and has stuck around just to show us it is officially fall! I love this time of year the cloud cover is low and wisps of little clouds get stuck in town and in the not so far off mountains, it really is a beautiful sight! By nature this is my favorite time of year...maybe it is because I was born in the waning part of the calender year. I can remember walking to school and not being bothered by the rain falling or the leaves falling I have always embraced the this time of year.....(not cheery about a summer of the wet stuff) The dark mornings are a reminder that Halloween is just around the corner.

With the temperature turning down I start to crave that home cooking of comfort food. My favorite entree is fresh bread and red wine. Ok so not the most balanced choice......but a staple while in college, with a plate of balsamic, evo and fresh herbs for dipping! I see this type of evening in my future for my hubby and I.
In the frugal ways I have adapted a habit of having a bread starter in the fridge for fresh bread at anytime. Some of you will know of this recipe as I have posted in in my fb page foodies  Foodies an awesome network for sharing and gaining recipes, check it out! This basic starter has been the savior of many dinnertime needs. I have made pizza dough with it, calzones, stuffed herb and olive bread and good ole sandwich bread....this is the type of bread where you drink the wine with, smothered in a flavour butter!

the official website for the amazing book!

The recipe as follows:

Enjoy every season as if it is your favorite......The great thing about Autumn is that all this rain will be turning to snow and it is coming....embrace it, it is mother nature at her finest!

Jeff on top of the world!

I am going to label this as the North Bowl, this a guess!


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