Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So I got myself situated at the table this past Sunday with laptop, tea Sunday football on (that is American football...not the real footie) all because my husband had decided he was going to get in on all the homemade doing a little research he decided that making Rugelach was going to be the feature on the day.

With the help of a picture recipe and my expertise he would try his hand at it! With the abundance of Plums on our adjoining neighbouring yard we were going to make Plum and Walnut Rugelach! The pastry was a cream cheese pastry and it was awesome!

I absolutely love how vibrant the skins make this filling!

this part takes alot of concentration!

I did alter this recipes to suit our likes and to what we had on hand for the pastry......we also used some homemade raspberry jam for a batch
but the technique was borrowed from the above site:)

L'shonah Tova

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

a new look......

With our famillies anniversary of mountian living so fresh and all the changes life has brought us it would only be natural to evolve my blog as well. I had come to terms that I always want to keep our family travel blog, I didn't have the heart to change it in any way..........So mountain babes and gypsysouls it is.

With our feet grounded into this lil mountian town we have moved into a more healthier thoughtful way of living...from growing our own to putting up for the winter right to harvesting our own seeds for next year .....this is my life as I know it!

One thing that will never change is how much I love to cook, bake and how much my kitchen means to me. OK.......I can do without the dishes in the sink. With the amount of hand me down jars I received from a fellow jar head I took the time to organize my kitchen. I now have all spices, nuts, dried fruit, grains all neatly in a row...and I feel so satisfied with this task completed as well as my attempt of  more sustainable food practices.

I still want to share all the pleasures that I have made time for in my, the view through my lens which I most often dream about,(well that and how I would love to have chickens one day....your know the real colorful ones) the hows of baking up delights for the family and how sharing with my gals is one simple pleasure I love to do!...the old saying from a long time friend that she had taught our wee man years ago.....sharing is caring......simple but so true!

It is that time of year where we pull out our hoodies and start to watch the snowline....the season for homemade soups, fresh loaves and the celebration of a sweet new year are on all our minds at the Andrews household......L'shonah Tova my friends.