Tuesday, December 13, 2011

.....movember or december

My whirl-wind trip to South Cal and back has come and gone. It was one week packed with fun swim days, birthday parties, wine trips with loads of laughs, hugs and sad good-byes. Happy to be back home it feels like so long ago now that I was hanging out with my sister and her awesome family. My goal of quality time with my son was achieved as well as the blessing of getting him to hang out with his cousins. These kids had an absolute blast and it was so great to witness their relationship and reconnecting, just like they left off last summer:)

My fondest memory is the taste of the almond champagne from Wilson Creek Winery. Such a delicate taste with a hint of almond and the bubbles....I just love the bubbles......I did manage to bring a couple bottles back for some future celebrations.
Wilson Creek Winery

Catching up with all my blog reading....I can't believe it is almost a month since my last posting........tisk tisk
With that said  it is November...already November. Around here November is a big deal! Being the month of MOvember and the count down to the holidays start around this time and well my personal favorite month as it is my Birthday.
Birthday Champange
With this crazy month also comes the anticipation of snow.....we watch the snowline come down then go back up and then come down again to eventually land right on our tongues. Snow brings out the kid like qualities in all big and small!

WoW I totally thought I posted this blog posting and here it is sitting in my inbox....eeeks! It has been super long since I have apologies! The ole busy life excuse is just so passe even if it is the only truth I know!

A little update on the home front Opening day for the mountain has come and gone and we are all loving the days at the hill and the nights watching our favorite Christmas movies! I see a winter bone fire in the future with some marshmallows and hot bevies! Our littlest of souls has embraced winter like a true Andrews and has filled her days of waiting for more snow!
Grade two is fairing well for our wee man! To be expected his favorite times at school is gym and recess and the days I show up with cookies and hot tea of an after school play in the yard. It is mid December and happy to announce that papa bear has finely shaved the mo from his face and is looking back to his handsome self.....gawd that was a long phase for me:)

..............well for me I have filled my days with my sweet baby girl trying the odd recipes, baking the odd treat. I am totally addicted to homemade cream of mushroom soup...recipe can be found at a fellow bloggers site the worthy cook (drying these sunflowers STILL, what a process) and my evenings with work and the odd night of Christmas Cheer! My weekends are dedicated to my handsome boys and shuffling them around the life is full and the only thing I can wish for more is SNOW!

A nice way to end our travelling back from Spokane at Halcyon Hot Springs:)